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Duct fans - ventilation units designed for installation in ducts, walls, simple and complex ventilation systems. Can be used for air supply or exhaust.
When choosing a unit, it is important to know what kind of fan you need. First pay attention to the diameter, pressure and performance parameters, electricity consumption. Special purpose fans can be adapted to transport high-temperature, chemically aggressive gases, as well as to work in explosion-proof environments.
The pressure parameters of each fan depend on the type of impeller. There are three main types of impellers - axial, mixed flow and centrifugal.

The axial impeller is similar to the propeller built into Karlson’s back. Fans with an axial impeller are classified as low to medium pressure units. These are conventional bathroom fans, whether industrial installations for direct air discharge through a wall, uncomplicated duct systems, or indoor mixing.
A mixed flow impeller similar to an axial one only has more wings curved at a special angle. Fans with a mixed flow impeller are classified as medium pressure units. Commonly used in medium complexity duct systems using ducts up to 10 -12 m in length.
The centrifugal impeller is similar to a drum of a washing machine. Fans with centrifugal impeller are classified as high pressure units. Installed in complex duct systems where more power is required, as recuperation, filtration, dust extraction, chip transport and other systems.