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Ventilation ducting

Ducts for ventilation for recuperation hoods and duct joints.
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Ducts are an important part of ventilation that ensures air circulation between indoor and outdoor spaces. Ducts can be rectangular or circular, flexible or standard size. They can also be used to install with elbows, tees, reducers, backdraft dampers, etc. Ducts can be made of various materials such as PVC, HDPE plastic, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or multilayer - aluminum, polyester and with insulation layer. We also offer a wide selection of antibacterial ducts.
To ensure optimal low noise level and protection against condensation, we recommend installing insulated ducts. To transport hot air, we recommend choosing ducts that are resistant to temperature changes.
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What are ducts for?
Ducts are used to transport air at different temperatures between indoors and outdoors. They are used in both industrial and residential buildings.
How do I clean a duct correctly?
Ducts need to be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum airflow and fire prevention. The frequency of cleaning depends on how often the ventilation unit is used. Ducts can be cleaned with a damp cloth or special cleaning fluids .
Types of ducts
Ducts can be either rectangular or round, flexible or rigid, as well as insulated and antibacterial - Ø100 mm, Ø125 mm, Ø160 mm, Ø200 mm, plastic - Ø100 mm, Ø125 mm, Ø150 mm, 55x110 mm, 60x120 mm, 75x150 mm, 60x204 mm, metal - Ø80 mm, Ø100 mm, Ø125 mm, Ø160 mm, Ø200 mm, Ø250 mm, Ø315 mm, Ø400 mm, Ø500 mm, Ø630 mm, Ø710 mm, Ø800 mm, Ø900 mm, Ø1000 mm, Ø120 mm, antibacterial multilayer - Ø100 mm, Ø125 mm, Ø160 mm, Ø200 mm, antibacterial HDPE - Ø50 mm, Ø63 mm, Ø75 mm, Ø90 mm, 132x52 mm. The following duct connections are used for the installation of ventilation systems - transitions, elbows, tees, non-return valves, couplings, etc. In rooms, use duct ventilation grilles, diffusers for proper ventilation or recovery and air distribution.
All ducts have EU certificates and performance declarations.
Ductwork installation
Depending on the type of duct, they can be installed on the roof, on a wall or in a wall, under the ceiling or in a ceiling overhang, in an attic. The method of installation depends on the type of duct and the location where it is to be installed. There are a number of fixing methods available, using special duct brackets or mounting tape and fixing angles. Each ventilation pipe has its own purpose - if you are unsure which one to choose, please contact us for advice and guidance.

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