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Mini recuperators

Decentralised ventilation with mini-recuperators ensures comfort by supplying the optimum amount of fresh air without opening windows and preserving indoor heat. Opening windows in the cool season can quickly cool down the room, while in the summer, insects, dust or pollen can enter the room.
A ventilation system consists of a number of small units located in different parts of the building. Using energy-efficient fans and high-efficiency heat exchangers, the Silent AHR and EHRV mini-recuperators installed in the rooms ventilate the rooms by conserving the heat in the rooms. Heat recovery is achieved through the very simple and efficient operation of the appliance - during the exhaust air cycle, the used air flows through the heat exchanger, heating it, and during the supply air cycle, the heat stored in the heat exchanger is returned and transferred to the room.
Another advantage of decentralised ventilation is the minimal interference with the building structure compared to a traditional heat recovery ventilation system. The appliances are installed by drilling a hole of the required diameter in the external wall of the building, eliminating the need to install ventilation ducts and to carry out major renovations to the house. All these advantages make it possible to significantly reduce installation costs, especially in renovated buildings. Thus, the installation of these units will be inexpensive and straightforward.
Silent AHR is a high-end, quiet and cost-effective mini-recuperator with a ceramic heat exchanger, full automatic shutter and full automation, and an LED display on the fan panel. All units are supplied with a humidity and temperature sensor, as well as a remote control.
EHRV - Economy class mini-recuperators with aluminium heat exchanger at a very good price. Can also be controlled by remote control.

Mini-recuperators are ideal for ventilating apartments or houses. Especially in apartment buildings where it is not possible to install a centralised recuperation system to ventilate the apartment. Mini-recuperators are the best solution in this case.

We would like to point out that a wall-mounted recuperator can be installed not only in the living area, but also in the bathroom, storage room or garage.
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