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Decentralized ventilation with mini recuperators ensures comfort by supplying the optimal amount of fresh air without opening windows and conserving heat indoors. When the windows are opened during the cool season, the premises can cool down quickly, and in summer - insects, dust or pollen can enter the premises.
Usualy the ventilation system consists of several small units located in different rooms of the building. Using energy-saving fans and high-efficiency heat exchangers, the Silent AHR and EHRV mini recuperators installed in the building to ventilate the premises and the heat inside. Heat recovery units work in a very basic and efficient operation - the air used during the air exhaust cycle flows through the heat exchanger, heating it, and during the air supply cycle, the heat accumulated by the heat exchanger is returned and transferred to the room.
Another advantage of decentralized ventilation is minimal interference to the building structure compared to a traditional heat recovery ventilation system. The devices are installed in the outer wall of the building by drilling a hole of the required diameter, so there is no need to install ventilation ducts and make major repairs to the house. All these advantages allow to significantly reduce installation costs, especially in renovated buildings.
Silent AHR is a high-class quiet and economical mini recuperator with a ceramic heat exchanger, automatic shutter and full automation, LED display on the fan panel. All devices are equipped with a humidity and temperature sensor, as well as with a remote control.
EHRV - economy class mini recuperators with aluminum heat exchanger. Can be operated also with remote control.