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How to choose a cooker hood for my kitchen?

Cooker hoods or kitchen hoods are ventilation devices commonly used in kitchens to extract or neutralise food odours. Depending on the interior design and layout of the room, you can find the right unit for you. There are many different types of hoods - classic, built-in, island, corner, suspended as a light fitting, etc. We always recommend choosing a higher capacity appliance - a powerful cooker hood will do the job more efficiently, and you can always turn the speed down if the draft is too high.

The range includes Soft touch, Glas touch, Slide buttons and some units can be controlled via a mobile app. Some hoods can be connected via an air quality sensor which will automatically switch on the hood and adjust the speed as soon as you start cooking.

Ventless hoods are also becoming increasingly popular, as these are units that exhaust filtered and clean air back into the room. This saves a lot of heat, especially during the cold season. Ductless hoods are the perfect solution to reduce your heating bills - special carbon or plasma filters are fitted on the exhaust vent to neutralise odours and grease and return the purified air to the room. A carbon filter mounted on the cooker hood can last about 1 year, while the Mini Plasmex can last about 5 years and the Thermex Plasmex up to 10 years.

Also in the range you will find hoods with an integrated plasma filter - the luxurious Cleanair Cloud hoods, made in Germany with an exclusive design. By the way, you can order the plasma filter separately and install it on your existing cooker hood. You can also choose a cooker hood without a fan and the fan separately. The fan can be installed separately from the cooker hood, thus avoiding more noise in the room.

The prices of cooker hoods depend on the capacity, functionality and design of the appliance.
Read more about cooker hoods at the bottom of the page.

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Downdraft cooker hood with top-class induction hob Le Mans I 860
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Island cooker hoods Oxford stainless steel
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Wall mounted cooker hoods Decor 787 white without motor
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Downdraft cooker hood with top-class induction hob Typhoon 800 black
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Island cooker hoods Derby island stainless steel-glass
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PWF - plasma air purification unit for kitchen hood
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Thermex Plasmex - plasma air purification unit for kitchen hood
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Wall mounted cooker hoods Decor 787 black without motor
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Ceiling integrated cooker hood Newcastle Medio 900 white without motor
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Cleanair Cloud black - plasma cooker hood with LED light
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Downdraft cooker hood Trent black-stainless steel
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Island hoods-lamps with plasma filter Green air white
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Mini Plasmex - plasma air purification unit for kitchen hood
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From 575.28 €
958.80 €
Wall mounted cooker hoods Decor 787 stainless steel without motor
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How to connect the cooker hood?
Only a certified electrician can connect the cooker hood to the mains. Each appliance comes with a user manual, which must be followed. We can advise you on how to connect the ducts to the cooker hood and how to route them outside. We can offer a complete ductwork system with non-return valve and outdoor grille.

How powerful should be the cooker hood?
This depends on the size of your kitchen and the size of your hob or cooker. However, we always recommend that you choose a more powerful appliance wherever possible. You will then have a reserve of capacity.

How high should I hang the cooker hood?
The user manual for each appliance contains the manufacturer's recommendation for the recommended hanging height of the cooker hood. The appliance will work most efficiently when properly mounted.

How do hoods without a vent or duct work?
To save heat energy, we recommend using carbon or plasma filters mounted directly on the cooker hood's exhaust vent. As mentioned above, the carbon filter can be used for about 1 year, after which the carbon granules need to be replaced as they will become clogged in that time. Plasma filters are much more effective in cleaning the air. Depending on the size of the filter, they can last up to 10 years. Thanks to the ionisation process, a plasma filter removes 99% of odours, viruses, pollen, bacteria and allergic substances. You can install this filter on any cooker hood with a 120 mm or 150 mm outlet. The plasma filter not only cleans the air of odours, but also improves indoor air quality and improves your home comfort and well-being.


How can I avoid indoor noise from my cooker hood fan?
You can always buy a cooker hood without a fan and a fan separately. You can buy a wall-mounted TX fan or a TX II indoor fan. A hood with a separate fan will prevent indoor noise and the fan will also be efficiently controlled by buttons on the hood. Please note that only special purpose kitchen fans recommended by the manufacturer can be connected to the cooker hood. If you try to use other devices, you may not get the required performance, non-kitchen fans can quickly become clogged with grease, work inefficiently and noisily, and may fail.

Cooker hood filters
All hoods in our range are equipped with primary grease filters. These filters are easily removed using special holders. Depending on the use of the cooker hood, we recommend washing them periodically with degreaser. These filters can also be washed in the dishwasher. For greater air purification efficiency, you can order carbon grease filters for the cooker hood of your choice. You can do this on the product card of each cooker hood under "Accessories".

Hoods for cafes, restaurants, bars, catering establishments or the industrial segment
We can also offer, on request, industrial hoods that extract extremely high volumes of air thanks to industrial kitchen fans. We can solve the issue of exhaust air odours if your establishment is located in a densely populated area or in a city centre and you have problems with odour problems with neighbours. We can offer units that neutralise odours by up to 99% and clean the air, even the smoke, from kitchens with a pizza oven or a charcoal grill. We can also offer special UVC lamps and plasma filters that can be installed in your cooker hood. These devices help to degrease the air and decontaminate it from viruses, bacteria or fungi. Your cooker hood's air exhaust ducts will not accumulate grease, so you will maintain a higher level of hygiene and prevent a possible fire that could occur if the grease in the ducts catches fire. A fan with a grease-free impeller is also much more efficient and quieter. Or perhaps you are someone who lives next to an establishment whose kitchen or production process emits unwanted odours outside? In this case, we recommend that you contact us - we will help you solve the odour problem and you will live in peace and comfort.
The best hoods and air purification solutions will help you to live more comfortably and conveniently. We import hoods and air purifiers from the German manufacturer Oxytec and hoods, plasma and carbon filters from the Danish manufacturer Thermex. These appliances are characterised by their exceptional quality, versatile control options, functionality, reliability, quiet operation, high energy efficiency and aesthetic design. The exceptional size of the range and the good prices will allow you to choose the right cooker hood for you, which will not only fulfil its function but also decorate your home interior and become a real kitchen helper.

Our range includes not only cooker hoods but also cooker hood ducts, cooker hood or kitchen fans, non-return valves, outdoor ventilation grilles. You can buy the whole system in one place. If you have any questions regarding the connection of a hood via ducts, please contact us by email or phone on the numbers listed in the contact details - we will advise you and offer you the best solutions. You can also come on site for a live consultation.


If you are a dealer, installer or manufacturer of kitchen furniture, we invite you to cooperate with us - we will offer you good conditions for cooperation and optimum delivery times.
All units come with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty, provided that all the manufacturer's recommendations in the user manual are followed.
You can view the user instructions on the label of each cooker hood. They are available in English. We recommend that you do not print a paper version to save trees and nature, but use the Google translate app to translate the instructions into English.

No matter where you are - in Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Oslo or Paris - we deliver throughout Europe and beyond to your door. You are also welcome to visit our branded shop in Kaunas or our headquarters in Viečūnai and buy the products you need here.