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Types of centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans are very popular and widely used in a wide range of industries, including domestic use. The main advantage of centrifugal fans is the high pressure they generate. This means that they can be used in applications and ventilation systems where large air flows with high pressure need to be generated. Centrifugal fans can be of different types depending on the structure of the blades of the centrifugal impeller. The main types are straight, forward curved and backward curved blades. Each of these types has its own specific characteristics and applications. The type of impeller influences the fan performance, the pressure generated and the noise level.
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What are centrifugal fans for?
Centrifugal fans are designed for use in a variety of environments. They can be used both in the home and in industry. For example, ATEX explosion-proof centrifugal fans are designed for use in explosive atmospheres, as well as smoke exhaust fans, bathroom centrifugal fans, chemical-resistant centrifugal fans, rooftop centrifugal fans, kitchen fans, dust, chip and sawdust conveying fans and many others.
In addition, centrifugal fans are highly efficient in the presence of high air resistance. For this reason, they are often used in industrial ventilation systems where high-end filtration systems are used, e.g. explosion-proof centrifugal fans with a backward-facing impeller are recommended for painting chambers. And in restaurant or café kitchens, it is recommended to use kitchen fans with a separate impeller from the motor and no fear of contaminants (models BKEF, KFT, MPS). In case of contamination of the impeller, the fans can be easily cleaned. And the fume extraction fans are designed to operate at high temperatures. So we always recommend that you choose a special purpose unit that will meet your requirements and provide a reliable and long service life.
Centrifugal fans are very versatile and can be used in many different applications. Their choice depends on the requirements of the specific application.
What are the advantages of centrifugal fans?
  • the main advantage of centrifugal fans is the high pressure and high efficiency of air transport through long ventilation ducts, complex duct systems, filtration systems
  • most models have thermal protection
  • most models can be controlled with speed controllers or frequency converters
  • a very wide choice and adaptability to different applications
What are the disadvantages of centrifugal fans?
  • perhaps the biggest disadvantage of centrifugal fans is that they are louder than axial fans, but this is compensated by their high performance and the high pressures they generate
  • cost - centrifugal fans are slightly more expensive than axial fans due to their more powerful motors and more complex design
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