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The biggest advantage of having the cooker hood integrated at the same level as the hob is that it saves space. If you don't want an overhead cabinet or a wall-mounted cooker hood directly above the hob, or if you don't have the option of integrating the cooker hood into the ceiling, you can choose a hob with an integrated hood or a hood integrated into the worktop.

We offer top-of-the-range Scandinavian cooker hoods made by Thermex Scaniavia A/S in Denmark, either under the hob or with a cooker hood. Thermex Scandinavia A/S has been specialising in cooker hoods for 60 years. A solid manufacturing history ensures impeccable product quality.

If you don't want to, or don't have the possibility to, make a hole in the wall for a vent to exhaust the air from the hob hood, a recirculation system with special carbon or plasma filters is the perfect solution. The filtered and odourless, clean air will be exhausted back into your kitchen.

Plasma filters are new innovation on the cooker hood market. They not only purify the air and neutralise odours, but also inactivate bacteria, pollen, viruses and other allergenic substances, so hoods with plasma filters are particularly suitable for people with allergies or special needs. Plasma filters have an efficiency of up to 96.5%

Depending on the model, plasma filters can last between 5 and 10 years and require no additional maintenance.
Virtually all of our steam traps can be fitted with aluminium, carbon or plasma filters as an option.

As well as the hood that suits your needs, you can also buy all the parts you need for the connection, such as drainage ducts, non-return valves and outdoor ventilation grilles.