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Fume extraction fans, fume extractors: performance, cost and selection guidelines
Fume extraction fans are ventilation devices designed to transport unwanted smoke at different temperatures. These fans are designed to operate in extreme conditions and are EU certified. Please refer to the description of each model for details. In this article, we will look at the importance of smoke extraction fans, their cost and the most important guidelines to consider when choosing a unit to suit your needs.
Smoke extraction fans: what are they and why are they important?
Fume extraction fans are specialised devices designed to remove smoke, dust, chemical vapours and other harmful air pollutants from the environment. They are used in a variety of locations including kitchens, factories, laboratories and many other industrial and commercial locations. These fans provide a safe working environment by protecting against harmful vapours and reducing smoke concentrations, and improving the working environment.
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Smoke extraction fans price
The price of fume extraction fans can vary considerably depending on various parameters. These parameters include the power level, the size of the fan, the pressure generated, the country of origin of the manufacturer and many others. Fans with a higher capacity and higher resistance to higher temperatures will cost more, while simpler models will be cheaper.
What is important to consider when choosing a fume extraction fan?
  • size and type of room: the first thing to consider is the size and type of room. Different fans are suitable for different environments. The fan used in the factory may be very different from the one needed for the kitchen
  • power level: choose a fan with the right power for your needs. A fan that is too weak may not remove the smoke sufficiently; a higher-powered unit will be quieter if you use it at less than full capacity
  • filters and filtration system: if the smoke to be extracted is to be filtered, make sure that the smoke extraction fan you choose generates sufficient pressure, i.e. consider the resistance and pressure loss that the filtration system and ducting will generate
  • energy saving: if it is important to reduce energy costs, choose a smoke extractor with an energy-saving motor
  • warranty and support: consider the manufacturer's warranty period for the fan

How do I choose the right smoke extraction fan?
  • do your research: find out what your needs are and do your research to find out what capacity, pressure and temperature settings you need
  • compare products: compare prices and features in different outlets or online to find the best deal
  • consult the experts: if in doubt, consult a specialist who can advise you based on your specific needs by contacting us or a ventilation system designer
  • above all, don't compromise on safety: don't compromise on safety - choose a fan that will provide a safe working or living environment