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  • TIRAFUMO NC- with copper housing 2,140.15 € 1,498.10 € (-30%)

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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

TIRAFUMO - centrifugal roof fans to improve chimney draught ≤850 m³/h, 200 °C

  • TIRAFUMO - centrifugal roof fans designed to improve chimney draught
  • ideal for improving the draught of residential fireplaces
  • for chimneys with a cross-section not exceeding 150 x 150 mm (equivalent Ø 170 mm) and an air temperature not exceeding 200 °C in continuous operation
  • easy to install (plug-and-play principle)
  • housing made of steel or copper with a highly resistant epoxy finish
  • high pressure and extremely high air volumes due to the centrifugal impeller
  • made in Italy
  • 24 months warranty
  • Warning! If the fan is to be fitted to a cooker hood, it must be preceded by special filters that will completely clean the contaminated air. These fans are designed to transport grease-free air. If the fan is installed without filters, the fan is not covered by the warranty
  • installation example:


  • the fan is supplied with the following accessories - mounting pad, electrical junction box, fixing screws, speed controller R15:

Brand: Soler & Palau
ØD d
TIRAFUMO 400 420 540 178 360


Code Motor m³/h l/s Pa W A dB(A)* kg
TIRAFUMO AC 850 236 190 97 0.52 52.5 22

*LpA, measured at 3 m in open field 230V-50 Hz


Pressure loss curves