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Household centrifugal fans

Domestic centrifugal bath fans: what do you need to know?
Bathroom fans are essential for a comfortable and healthy bathroom environment. They help to remove moisture, odours and mould, which can cause discomfort and illness. But not all fans are the same. Some are more efficient, quieter and more economical than others. One of the most important criteria for distinguishing between fans is their operating principle: axial or centrifugal.
Axial fans are simple and inexpensive, but they have their disadvantages. They generate low pressures and can transport relatively small volumes of air through short and straight ducts. If the ductwork is slightly more complex, axial fans may lose their efficiency and their noise level may increase.
Centrifugal fans are more complex and expensive, and may cost more than axial fans, but they have many advantages. They generate high pressure and can move large volumes of air through long ducts up to 15 m or more complex duct systems. They can also be quieter and more cost-effective in terms of performance levels than axial fans.
One of the best manufacturers of domestic centrifugal bath fans is the Italian company MAICO-Italia. Their products are high quality, reliable and modern. They offer a variety of models to suit different needs and tastes. For example, their RADIA series is designed for direct air extraction from kitchens, bathrooms or other very humid areas. These fans have a durable, easy-to-wash protective filter, a non-return valve function and a choice of different control modes: simple, with timer, with humidity sensor or two speeds.
Another example is the ELIX EC 2V series, which uses highly economical EC motors with ball bearings. These fans run continuously at low speed (one of two low speeds can be selected before the fan is installed) and only switch to maximum speed when required. They also have timer and humidity sensor functions and the ability to avoid additional noises at night.
All models come with a 5 year warranty.
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