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Price / PWF:
  • 250 S, 650 m³/h 831.88 € 707.10 € (-14%)
  • 402, 850 m³/h 964.98 € 820.23 € (-14%)

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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

PWF - plasma air purification unit for kitchen hood

  • PWF - efficient and effective plasma recirculation filter is designed to install in kitchen hood and improve the indoor air
  • estimated lifetime - 10 years
  • the purified air can be discharged into the same room through the top of the cooker hood
  • through the ionisation process, the filter eliminates up to 99 % of all odours
  • 99 % inactivates viruses, pollen, bacteria and allergenic substances
  • no release of ozone
  • real volumetric plasma instead of ozone generator
  • cleans high air volume
  • technology and materials - plasma filter, activated carbon, has an integrated socket through which the hood can be connected, built into aluminium housing, the differential pressure socket automatically detects when the fan is switched on or off, power supply via cold appliance plug
  • installation & maintenance: easy and quick to install, maintenance free, activated carbon can be changed
  • recommended for installation in: domestic cooker hoods or kitchen hoods for small pubs with a capacity of up to 850 m³/h
  • made in Germany
  • installation dimensions:

PWF250S PFW402
PWF250S plazminio filtro matmenys PWF402 plazminio filtro matmenys


Code Voltage, V Frequency, Hz Power, W Capacity, m³/h Activated carbon content, g
PFW250S 230 50 ~7 650 ~350
PFE402 230 50 ~7 850 ~365