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REC Smart / Price:
  • REC Smart RC 100/400 - with remote control 916.43 € 641.51 € (-29%)
  • REC Smart RC 100/500 - with remote control 932.33 € 652.64 € (-29%)
  • REC Smart RC 100/600 - with remote control 942.02 € 659.41 € (-30%)
REC Smart accessories / Price:
  • Filter holder + F7 Filter for REC smart 2FL0102 81.42 € 57.00 € (-29%)
  • F7 Filter for REC smart 5FL0102 71.22 € 49.86 € (-29%)

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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

Mini recuperators with EC motors and remote control REC Smart RC, Ø100 mm

  • REC Smart RC is an innovative decentralised mini-recuperator with remote control - a heat recovery unit with a thermal efficiency of up to 75%, ideal for installation in rooms up to 40 m²
  • REC Smart RC is supplied with a remote radio controller
  • the advantage of the unit over other these units is that it exchanges the air in real time, i.e. both supplies and exhausts it, thus creating air recirculation in the rooms
  • the ventilation unit is provided with 3 LED that indicate the operation modality, including the sleep mode and theextraction mode, as well as the indication of potential anomalies
  • through the remote radio controller it is possible to activate the following functions:
    - On/Off
    - speed/ventilation level regulation
    - sleep modality that allows to have the unit running silently at low speed during the night (the boost function is excluded)
    - post-ventilation function (Timer function, adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes) to delay the switching of the unit at the minimum speed
  • it is an extremely compact and versatile mini-recuperator that can be installed horizontally or vertically in any room, especially in wet rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms
  • REC Smart RC is very easy to install: no ductwork is required - just one Ø100 mm hole in the wall
  • ideal for home renovation and energy retrofitting
  • drastically solves indoor humidity and condensation problems
  • ducted heat exchanger with separate flows for excellent efficiency and indoor hygiene
  • REC Smart RC is supplied with 3 different duct lengths of 400-500-600 mm and Ø100 mm
  • all REC SMART RC and TC models have an integrated humidity sensor - the humidity control incorporates Maico Italia's exclusive patented technology that allows the ventilation speed to be set automatically according to the humidity level
  • extremely compact and versatile: can be installed horizontally or vertically
vertical horizontal
  • ultra-low energy consumption thanks to EC motors
  • integrated by-pass and freeze protection
  • 3 filters: exhaust and extract air are filtered before entering the heat exchanger
  • easy maintenance and cleaning: the filters and heat exchanger are removable and washable.
  • complies with EN 60335-2-80, LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU.
  • also available is the new REC Smart model with touch screen control for weekly programming of ventilation modes, the new REC Smart TC
  • made in Italy
  • 24-month warranty
  • how does it work? Cool air from outside is warmed by the extraction of warm air in the duct heat exchanger, then the supply air is filtered and fed into the room:

  • you can also order the F7 filter holder with the filter: 

  • units are controlled by an RLS controller, it is suitable for sub-assembling and over-mounting
  • over-mounting


  • installation examples, applications:

  • finality of models
Version Description Symbols
24/7 running at the minimum speed
The unit switches at the highest speed through a manual command on a remote control (switch, push button or RLS controller)
The highest speed is provided with a timer (adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes). At the end of the delay running, the fans automatically turns back to the minimum speed
24/7 running at the minimum speed
The unit switches to the highest speed automatically through the humiditysensor. The maximum speed is reached progressively according to thehumidity level of the room
Once the humidity goes under the pre-set level (adjustable from 40 to90% of R.H.), the unit automatically switches to the minimum speed

Attention! Also the MHY version is provided with a timer adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes for the manual boost at the maximum speed. The function is useful in case it is necessary to have the fan running at the maximum speed independently from the humidity level (see point III standard version)


Code Duct, Ø mm Mx. wall thickness, mm Voltage, V Capacity, m³/h Capacity, l/s Power, W Current, A Noise levl, dB(A) Weight, kg
LwA LpA*
REC Smart 100/400 100 400 230 27 / 53 8 / 15 8.3 / 28.3 0.075 / 0.207 48.3 59.4 3.8
REC Smart 100/500 100 500 230 27 / 51 8 / 15 8.3 / 28.3 0.075 / 0.207 48.3 59.4 3.9
REC Smart 100/600 100 600 230 27 / 50 8 / 15 8.3 / 28.3 0.075 / 0.207 48.3 59.4 4.0

* Lp(A) measured at 3 m in open field 230V-50 Hz