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How to choose the right bathroom fan?

Quality ventilation is an important aspect of all homes and their individual spaces, helping to ensure proper air circulation and avoid moisture, mould or other undesirable effects. Exhaust fans can be installed in the ceiling or in the wall. Bathroom extractor fans are particularly important in the bathroom, as this room is probably the most humid. The bathroom is also often connected to the toilet, with washing machines and towels drying on a coil. This creates excess humidity and a large number of odours that need to be constantly removed. Domestic bathroom exhaust fans have been developed to do this job. Below we discuss what bathroom extractor fans are available and how to choose the best one?

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What is important when choosing a fan?

With many years of experience working with ventilation systems and with the needs of our customers in mind, we offer a wide range of domestic bathroom extract fans. These are top-quality, highly cost-effective extraction fans from trusted manufacturers, with outstanding functionality, quiet operation and durability. All fans with bearings are covered by a 5-year factory warranty, models with sleeve bearings by a 2-year warranty. PULSAR high-end fans come with a 7-year warranty.

Please note that all of our bathroom exhaust fans can be installed either in the ceiling or in the wall. They can be installed in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, garage, laundry room or similar rooms, depending on the cubic capacity of the room and taking into account the diameter of the fan, the pressure parameters, the duct length or the wall thickness. Functionality is also very important - we stock fans with timer, motion sensor, humidity sensor, automatic shutter, cord, light sensor etc.

Another key consideration when choosing a fan is the ventilation grille or fan cover - the visible part of the unit, its shape and style.

When choosing an appliance, it is important to consider whether you need a bathroom fan with or without a non-return valve. A non-return valve prevents the cold from entering during the colder seasons and is essential if you have a direct air outlet through the wall or if you live on the top floor of an apartment. We assess and advise on each case individually.

So, the key criteria for choosing a bathroom fan are:

  • estimate the cubic capacity of the room, multiply this figure by 10 to get an estimate of how many cubic metres of air per hour the bathroom fan you are ordering needs to extract.
  • estimate the length of the ducts that will be used to exhaust the air to the outside or to the ventilation shaft - please note that if you want to install a domestic axial fan in your bathroom, the length of the horizontal duct can be up to 1.5 m. Longer ducts can lead to a significant reduction in the fan's performance due to pressure losses. In this case, we recommend choosing a bathroom fan with a centrifugal impeller. Thanks to the centrifugal impeller, these units can be sufficiently efficient for horizontal ducts longer than 1.5 m.
  • the price of a bathroom fan will depend on the durability and quality of the motor (fans with bearings will last longer) and the modification of the fan.
  • evaluate whether the fan needs a non-return valve. You can do this by holding a piece of paper up to the vent - if you notice that the paper sometimes leans towards the inside of the room then you need a valve, if it is always pulled towards the vent then you do not.
  • assess the wiring to the fan mounting point - please note that a bathroom fan with a timer or humidity sensor must be connected with a three-conductor cable, for other devices a two-conductor cable is usually sufficient.

Bath fan modifications and types

In our assortiment you will find huge range that we keep on stock fans with timer, motion sensor, humidity sensor, automatic shutter, cord, light sensor, centrifugal or axial impeller, ultra-quiet, high pressure, interchangeable covers, small diameter, ducted etc.

We recommend installing a fan with a timer in the bathroom or toilet. Based on years of practical advice, we recommend that the fan switch is installed inside the bathroom. You can then switch on the fan when you need it.

Bathroom fans with a humidity sensor are recommended for rooms with high humidity or constantly changing humidity levels (e.g. in the bath or shower, in the garage when the car enters). This type of ceiling or wall-mounted bathroom fan with a humidity sensor switches on automatically and operates until the humidity level in the room drops to the set level.

The connection and wiring diagram of the fan can be found on the card of each unit on our website, as well as in the user manual that comes with the unit.

How do exhaust bathroom fans work?

Standard fans - connected with a double wire, can be connected via a light or a separate switch. When the switch is turned on, the fan switches on, when it is turned off, it switches off.

Fans with timer - connected via a three-way wire. When the switch is turned on, the fan will run continuously, when turned off, it will run for a set period of time and then turn itself off.

Fans with humidity sensor - connected by a three-way cable. The fan will run continuously when the switch is turned on, and will be affected for a set period of time when turned off and will switch itself off. If the humidity level in the room rises above the set humidity level, the fan will automatically switch itself on and operate for the time period set by the timer. The fan will switch off when the humidity level in the room falls below the set level.

Fans with automatic shutter - connected by double or triple wire depending on the modification. When the fan is switched on, the automatic shutter will open within approximately 30 seconds, when switched off, it will close within the same time.

Bathroom fans with a motion or light sensor shall be connected with a double cable. When the sensor senses movement or light, it will switch on the fan, which will affect the timer for a set period of time and switch itself off.

Depending on the modification and quality of the motor, as well as the type of impeller, all fans produce a sound. We can confidently state that once you have chosen a silent bearing bathroom fan from us and had it properly installed, it will not disturb your peace of mind and will work reliably, long and quietly. Just remember to periodically wipe the dust off the impeller with a simple paint brush.

Quick tips from the experts:

  • when choosing a domestic fan for a bathroom or other room, consider the volume of the room in cubic metres.
  • evaluate the capacity and pressure settings of the bathroom fan.
  • modern high-quality bathroom fans are quiet, so be sure to assess the noise level of the fan.
  • if you are installing a new room, consult a professional beforehand about the installation of the ventilation system, so that you can prepare the necessary ventilation openings in the right place, remove and hide the ducts, and bring the necessary wiring to connect the ventilation units to the mains.
  • in the wettest rooms, install fans as soon as possible - don't wait until the moisture starts to cause visible changes to walls or other surfaces in the room.
  • select a bathroom fan of the correct capacity, taking into account the diameter of the ductwork and its length to the ventilation shaft or exhaust outlet.
  • if you have any doubts about your choice, please contact us - we assess and advise you individually in each case.

Call us, send us an enquiry or visit us on site - we will advise you and help you choose the best bathroom exhaust fan for your bathroom or other room.
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