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Air diffusers for ventilation
Designed for air supply or exhaust. Huge range at the best prices. We keep most of the positions on stock, therefore fast delivery is guaranteed.
Classic - classic diffusers for air supply (DP) and exhaust (DI) made of galvanized steel, painted in RAL9016.
Silent - acoustic diffusers for air supply (DPN, DPNN) and extraction (DIN, DINN). It has quieter characteristics. Made of galvanized steel and painted in RAL9016.
Note. If you want all diffusers (for exhaust and supply) to look the same, we recommend installing all supply diffusers. The supply diffusers is suitable for both - supply and exhaust, when the exhaust diffusers - only for extraction.
INOX DNU - universal diffusers made of stainless steel AISI304 for aggressive environments. Thanks to a special design, the same diffuser is suitable for air supply and exhaust.
AN-ABS, PP-PVC - universal diffusers made of plastic. AN-ABS - from ABS, PP-PVC from PVC plastic. Suitable for air supply and exhaust
PLD - slot diffusers made of aluminum and painted in RAL9016. Diffusers are equipped with special valves that allow you to adjust the flow and direction of the air stream.
SQUARE-A - square ceiling diffusers made of aluminum and painted in RAL9016 color. Also suitable for air supply and exhaust.
Frameless - frameless diffusers for installation in plaster ceilings. When the diffusers are installed, they become invisible, leaving only slots for air stream.
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