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Ask a question about this item

Recirculating UV-C air purifier UVC 500/1000

  • the UVC 30 is a recirculating air purifier specially designed to clean air contaminated with microbes. A recirculating air purification system for heavily microbially contaminated air in food production and smaller refrigeration and ripening rooms. An axial fan with EC motor draws in microbially contaminated room air and directs it to the interior of the recirculating air steriliser via high efficiency lamps. The low-pressure mercury lamps emit UV-C light of exactly 253.7 nm, a spectral line that reliably kills microbes but does not create ozone
  • applications: suitable for continuous use in 25-56 m² rooms, independent of the room's ventilation system
  • function: inactivates bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mould spores up to 99.9%, improves shelf-life, appearance and quality of food products and ensures germ-free air, highly effective in removing pollutants from indoor air
  • technology and materials: UV-C technology, stainless steel with a very high quality surface to meet the highest hygiene requirements
  • splash-proof electronics integrated in the housing
  • high quality lamps with a lifetime of 16 000 hours at constant power
  • installation and maintenance: very simple installation on the ceiling or wall, mobile use, low maintenance, resulting in low service costs
  • additional information: no chemicals are used for air purification, no residues, no radiation load outside the installation, therefore harmless to products, animals and humans, low noise level, low energy consumption
  • made in Germany


1100 x Ø300

Code Voltage, V Frequency, Hz Power, W Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Capacity, m³/h
UVC 500 230 50 500 1100 x Ø300 22 500
UVC 1000 230 50 700 1100 x Ø300 24 1000