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Cleanair SKY - plasma air purification and disinfection unit

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Ask a question about this item

Cleanair SKY - plasma air purification and disinfection unit

  • Cleanair SKY - Plasma indoor air purifier for germ-laden, odourless room air
  • recommended for installation in: living rooms, offices, waiting rooms of medical institutions, in classrooms of educational institutions, food warehouses, food packaging rooms
  • clean air improves people's well-being, reduces sickness and viral infections, and extends the shelf life of products
  • a ceiling-mounted device for effective indoor air purification in confined spaces when people are present
  • provides highly effective air purification not only by filtering but also by inactivating viruses, bacteria, yeasts and mould spores
  • the unit is made of high quality aluminium and is mounted under the ceiling in the middle of the room for maximum efficiency
  • warm contaminated air rises through the middle of the room to the ceiling where it removes unwanted bacteria, viruses, yeast, mould spores and pollen and is released back into the room clean and fresh by the unit's multi-stage cleaning process
  • the air is sterilised in the unit and blown out parallel to the ceiling
  • the Coanda effect allows the air to flow along the ceiling to the walls
  • as the walls are usually colder than the air in the room, the air is cooled there, sinks towards the floor and is distributed there
  • exhaled air contaminated with aerosols, possibly viruses, does not first mix with the room air, but is directed directly into the unit and cleaned
  • thus providing clean air to the occupants from below
  • inactivates 97% of viruses in indoor air (Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics study)
  • destroys 99.98% of harmful vapours (e.g. VOCs from furniture, building materials, paints)
  • reduces odour contamination from smoke and cooking odours
  • suitable for continuous use in rooms ~40 m²
  • made of high quality aluminium, powder coated
  • EC motor
  • remote control, 4-step operation
  • installation and maintenance - easy installation on the ceiling
  • made in Germany
  • colour RAL 9016, matt white
  • automatic switch-off in case of failure
  • recirculating air cleaner complete with aluminium housing consisting of a multi-stage system: G4 pre-filter, plasma, F9 filter and activated carbon

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