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Ask a question about this item

CEA mini - UV-C ducted ozone air purifier

  • CEA Mini - air purification system is designed to clean strong-smelling and microbial-contaminated exhaust air. During the purification process, the exhaust air passes over special UV-C emitting tubes (ozone lamps). Their radiation converts natural oxygen into ozone: organic and odorous substances are oxidised
  • function: reduction of odours, H2S and ammonia, effective inactivation of bacteria and viruses, 100% biodegradation of all residues, no radiation load outside the unit
  • application: for use in indoor air purification by recirculation, supply or exhaust air, waste separation and waste rooms, wastewater treatment plants (H2S load), grease separator rooms, toilets, sludge treatment rooms, wet waste containers and food waste
  • technology and material: UV-C/ozone, stainless steel 1.4301 Ø250 mm tube with 2 or 4 high power ozone tubes, ECG located outside the airflow in a covered control box, service indicator and hour meter in the control box door and clamp VA with EPDM gasket
  • low pressure losses
  • all components UV and ozone resistant
  • Installation and maintenance: easy to install, easy to fit into existing systems
  • additional information: 230 V / 50 Hz, low energy consumption
  • made in Germany


Oro valytuvas ozonu ir UV spinduliais CEA mini brėžinys

Code Voltage, V Frequency, Hz Power, W Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Body material
CEA 2_89 230 50 200 1000 x Ø250 50 1.4301
CEA 4_89 230 50 400 1000 x Ø250 60 1.4301