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Industrial fans

Industrial fans: types, differences and how to choose the right one
Industrial fans are essential equipment for many industrial processes, from air circulation to fume extraction. Below we discuss the types of industrial fans, their purpose and how you can find the right one for you at, where you can find a wide range of industrial fans.
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3,087.40 €
Explosion proof roof fans SVWDP EX ≤16400 m³/h
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From 3,409.44 €
4,545.92 €
High performance axial duct fans AVWOO ≤77220 m³/h
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264.34 €
TD EVO quiet duct fan
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1,530.15 €
TIRAFUMO - centrifugal roof fans to improve chimney draught ≤850 m³/h, 200 °C
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From 161.86 €
269.76 €
VENT ECOWATT - centrifugal in-line fans with EC motors ≤3390 m³/h
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From 1,407.41 €
2,010.58 €
Centrifugal roof fans with vertical discharge FCP-V ≤30000 m³/h
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From 1,317.48 €
1,756.65 €
Explosion proof roof fans SVWOD EX ≤7370 m³/h
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From 556.29 €
741.72 €
Greenhouse fans AXIA-G ≤10000 m³/h
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From 931.16 €
1,241.54 €
High performance axial duct fans AVMACH ≤82800 m³/h
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265.75 €
VENT VN - centrifugal in-line fans with mounting plate ≤1320 m³/h
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From 675.02 €
900.02 €
Axial fans for more difficult conditions AVOWR ≤18800 m³/h
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4,172.42 €
Extra high performance axial roof fans TAH HP ≤90000 m³/h
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985.51 €
High performance axial duct fans AXI ≤95270 m³/h
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2,000.61 €
High performance smoke exhaust axial duct fans AXI F300/2H ≤95270 m³/h
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1,645.81 €
Ultra-compact axial roof fans TACC ≤45000 m³/h
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1,630.49 €
Axial roof fans with vertical air discharge SVDWR≤29000 m³/h
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Types of industrial fans
Industrial fans are available in a variety of types to meet different industrial needs. The most popular types include industrial exhaust fans, which are used to extract fumes, dust and harmful vapours from the working environment. There are also industrial air circulation fans that are designed to provide air movement in large rooms or open spaces. offers a wide range of these types.
  • axial duct fans - low to medium pressure fans for ductwork installation, used for air transport, circulation, ventilation or heat distribution at different temperatures
  • mixed-flow ducted fans are medium-pressure units suitable for air transport, circulation, ventilation or heat distribution at various temperatures
  • axial fans' means low-pressure, high-performance fans which are designed for the direct conveyance of air through walls or ceilings, and are used for the circulation of air in rooms or other locations where large volumes of air are required
  • centrifugal ducted fans - high pressure units used in many industrial applications, effective for supplying and exhausting air at different temperatures
  • roof fans - roof-mounted fans that are used to exhaust a wide range of temperatures to the outdoors through the roof
  • chemical resistant fans - fans specially designed to operate in extreme conditions where aggressive chemicals may be present
  • centrifugal fans - high pressure fans designed to transport air at different temperatures through complex ductwork or in areas where high pressure is required
  • explosion-proof fans - fans that are safe for use in areas where there may be a risk of explosions
  • fume extraction fans - these are fans that are used to transport fumes or noxious vapours at different temperatures
  • kitchen fans - fans are designed for kitchens and are used to remove smoke, vapours and unpleasant odours from the kitchen area. Please note that most kitchen fans can only transport clean, fully filtered air
  • exhaust gas shut-off system - a system used to remove automobile exhaust gases
  • welding gas shut-off system - these systems are designed for the safe removal of gases in welding areas
  • grain, wood drying fans - these fans are used in industrial processes such as grain and wood drying where intensive air circulation is required
All fans are EU certified to meet different industrial and application requirements and the choice of fan depends on the specific ventilation or air circulation task.
What are industrial fans for?
Industrial fans are used in a wide range of industries, including construction, food production, the chemical industry and many others. Their main purpose is to provide optimum air circulation, regulate temperature, and remove harmful particles from the air. Industrial fans are also used in fire systems and ventilation systems to ensure worker safety and production efficiency.
How do I choose the right industrial fan?
When choosing an industrial fan, it is important to consider several important characteristics. These include power requirements, airflow volume, fan size and installation options. In addition, pay attention to the IP safety class.
Prices for industrial fans offers a wide range of industrial fans with a variety of prices, ensuring that every customer can find the right option for their budget. As industrial fans are an important piece of equipment in industry, investing in a quality fan can help with a long-term strategy to improve efficiency and safety. offers a wide range of industrial fans online, making it easy for customers to choose the right option for their specific application. This is where you can find industrial fans at the best price. This is a great place to start your search if you need a unit that fits your needs and budget.

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