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Rotating chimney cowls

Rotating chimney cowls, deflectors, turbines or caps are designed for installation on ventilation shafts or ventilation pipes to improve air draft. Productivity depends on wind speed. When the wind blows into the cowl cap, it rotates, creating negative pressure in the ventilation system and improves air draft. The stronger the wind - the better air draft (average wind speed at an altitude of 10 m, in Lithuania 4.5-5.5 m / s).
Wide selection in stock:
  • ELIAIR - stainless steel rotating chimney cowls with ball bearings. Exceptionally large choice of diameters. Made in Italy. All items are available on request. Maximum air flow temperature 600 ⁰C
  • MINI-TURBO-AL, TURBO-AL, NOK-AL, NOP-AL and NOPL-AL are standard models with an aluminum cap. Positions with a diameter of up to 300 mm are always in stock. Larger diameters available on request. Maximum air temperature up to 120 ⁰C
  • MINI-TURBO-N, TURBO-N, NOK-N, NOP-N and NOPL-N - stainless steel models. NOK-N, NOP-N and NOPL-N are always on stock, MINI-TURBO-N, TURBO-N are available upon request. Maximum air temperature up to 200 ⁰C
  • MINI-TURBO-RAL, TURBO-RAL - models with aluminum cap, professionally powder painted in accordance with the RAL palette. All positions are available upon request. Maximum air temperature up to 120 ⁰C
All models have a 24 month warranty. All ELIAIR, TURBO and NOPL models with ball bearings.
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