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Price / ECOJET:
  • SATIN (4HD0009) - grey satin colour 3,236.19 € 2,265.34 € (-29%)
  • WHITE (4HD0008) - whit colour 2,644.33 € 1,851.03 € (-29%)

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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

Electric hand dryers ECOJET

  • ECOJET - the next generation of eco-friendly and fast hand dryers: fast drying, energy efficient, eco-friendly, hygienic and stylish
  • exclusive design
  • ABS enclosure
  • 4 air outlets
  • 2 infrared sensors
  • drying time: 8-10 sec.
  • air speed: 410 km/h at 40 °C
  • energy saving: no heating element
  • "Hands in" model - 2 pairs of infrared sensors on either side of the top lids, which instantly detect hands and switch the dryer on
  • high-speed F-class motor, adjustable motor power
  • insulation class - I
  • lid in scratch-resistant ABS plastic, aluminium motor impeller
  • available in white or grey satin finish


Environmentally friendly and efficient

  • dries hands in 8-10 seconds depending on motor speed (adjustable by internal trimmer)
  • low energy consumption due to the absence of an electric heating element: efficient drying is determined by the speed and type of air dispersion and not by the heat temperature as in conventional dryers
  • lowest noise level in its category


Hygienic and safe

  • the inner surface and the water tank are coated with the exclusive Biocote® antimicrobial and antibacterial protection technology, based on silver ions that inhibit the growth of micro-organisms in the product throughout its lifetime
  • water does not splash on the floor, 0.675 l water reservoir, easily removable for cleaning
  • audible warning when the tank is full
  • easy maintenance is an essential part of the ergonomic design that facilitates regular cleaning: the front casing can be easily removed for access to the internal components, quick cleaning of the filters, removable water tank with external valve for easy emptying
  • made in Italy
  • 2 m warranty


Code min-1 km/h °C V-Hz W A db(A)2m IP kg
ECOJET 30000 410 40 220/240-50/60 420-1100 3.2-5 65-68 X4 8.3