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Ask a question about this item

Welding fume extraction system SDNS-055 ≤1000 m³/h

  • SDNS-055 - welding fume extraction system with adjustable arm and ultra powerful centrifugal fan
  • has 5 self-locking connectors for high ergonomics and wide manipulation of the air intake
  • the device is designed for wall mounting
  • the unit has no filters, it is used only to remove welding fumes from the welding area
  • engine efficiency class: IE3 (Premium efficiency)
  • maximum temperature of transported air 70 °C
  • made in Poland
  • engine warranty - 12 months (shipment at the expense of the buyer to the factory for expertice, if, after inspection, it turns out that the engine defective transportation costs are covered by the manufacturer, otherwise - by customer)

Brand: ESEM

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Voltage, V at 50 Hz
Capacity, m³/h
Power, W Duct diameter, mm T max., °C Weight, kg
SDNS-055 III 400 1000 550 160 70 ~50