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RHP Standard - rotary heat recovery units with heat pump
  • ventilates - supplies the premises with fresh air with minimal use of energy
  • heats - effectively heats the premises during the transition period
  • cools - efficiently cools the supply air in summer
  • filters the air - fresh and filtered air is supplied to the premises
  • controls humidity - dehumidifies the air during the summer and regenerates moisture during the winter
The main mechanism of RHP
RHP rekuperatoriaus mechanizmas
Two-stage heating / cooling regeneration
RHP units are designed with a two-stage energy recovery system: 1 - efficiency up to 80 % with an enthalpy rotary heat exchanger; 2 efficiency up to 60 % when using a heat pump
Operating zones: heating -15 °C - +15 °C cooling +15 °C - +35 °C
New opportunities with RHP
  • devices can be monitored and managed online and using the Smart Home system
  • exceptionally high energy efficiency
  • simple design, installation, operation and maintenance
  • the minimum payback time for a systemic solution
  • universal, intelligent and simple operation
  • there is no external cold block
  • comfort all year round - air handling unit with integrated heat pump ensures a comfortable indoor microclimate
  • improved indoor microclimate - heating and dehumidification in winter, cooling and dehumidification in summer
  • all-inclusive solution - no need for external cooler, freon piping and installation, start-up, adjustment
  • convenience and safety - the unit is filled with refrigerant at the factory, so there is no need for refrigeration specialists
  • ecological and safe - used non-ozone depleting refrigerant R134A in one circuit does not exceed the permissible level
  • extremely efficient operation and resource saving - two-stage recovery consists of rotary heat recovery and additional heating / cooling by the heat pump
  • factory tested - reliable and easy plug-and-play installation, start-up and operation
  • advanced automation - intelligent automation control algorithms and reliable components ensure safe and efficient operation of the equipment
  • exceptionally compact construction - saves building space, easier to transport
  • exclusive connection options - 16 connection options allow optimal and rational connection of ducts, universal design - 16 duct connection options

Integrated C5 control automation
An automation system for professionals to control complex thermodynamic processes and save energy has been developed. The user is provided with detailed information about the operation of the device. The variety of modes and functions allows you to choose the optimal operating mode that will save maximum energy by supplying the premises with the set parameters of air. Everything is set and checked at the factory - just turn it on and use.