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Price / VERSO S:
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  • VERSO-S-1300-F-E/15-F7-C5 2,949.98 €
  • VERSO-S-1300-F-E/9-F7-C5 2,841.08 €
  • VERSO-S-1300-F-W-F7-C5 2,841.08 €
  • VERSO-S-2100-F-E/15-F7-C5 3,528.36 €
  • VERSO-S-2100-F-E/22.5-F7-C5 3,696.55 €
  • VERSO-S-2100-F-W-F7-C5 3,528.36 €
  • VERSO-S-3000-F-W-F7-C5 5,313.11 €
Control panel:
  • Control panel C5.1 326.70 € 205.82 € (-37%)

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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

Air supply units Verso S

Verso S advantages
Integrated control system
All units are assembled and tested at the factory, therefore installation and commissioning work is signifcantly simplifed. Integrated intelligent automation requires minimum user input. Units can be monitor and controlled remotely via the Internet.
Simple & convenient selection
Detailed information on all units can be found in the VERSO selection software, where you can quickly select the unit tailored to your needs. The software download link can be found in the "software" section of our webpage.
Reliability and durability
The housing of the units is made of galvanized steel with a powder coated finish. Fan motors are protected from moisture and dust, and equipped with long life bearings.
Integration to BMS
All KOMFOVENT air handling units have fully implemented Modbus and BACnet protocols, which allows seamless integration with any desired Building Management Systems.
Connectivity to WEB
The units can be controlled not only with the control panel, but also remotely via a web browser on your computer or mobile devices. “Komfovent” application was specially developed for more convenient control.
Low noise level
Only perfectly balanced fans with unique geometry are used in VERSO units. All of the unit’s components are aerodynamically matched. Housings padded with mineral wool and the use of special composite materials ensure silent operation of these units.

Brand: Komfovent