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VERSO R Standard air handling units
VERSO R Standard units with a capacity of 800 to 40.000 m³/h are designed for ventilation of various premises. Depending on the individual need, a unit with a rotary heat exchanger, vertical, horizontal or flat design can be selected from a wide range.
VERSO R Standard air handling units are based on the "Plug and play" principle - each unit has an integrated control automation C5. This ensures lower installation and operating costs.
Compact unit sections can be easily inserted through a standard 900 mm wide door opening. The devices can be installed both indoors and outdoors, with the addition outdoor accessories. All Komfovent units have Modbus and BACnet protocols installed, which allow the integration of equipment management into the desired Building Management System.
Types of rotary heat exchanger:
L/A - aluminum, condensing heat exchangers, standard on Verso R Standard series. The optimal efficiency-to-pressure loss ratio ensures the shortest payback time.
SL/A - aluminum, condensing heat exchangers with increased surface area and efficiency.
L/AZ - sorption heat exchangers coated with a special hygroscopic zeolite coating. Most effectively controls humidity and ensures the most comfortable indoor microclimate.