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ATTENTION! By ordering any Domekt R device on website you will get additional set of M5 filters.



Rotary heat recovery units DOMEKT R with condensing and sorption heat exchangers (with M5 class filters)

Rotary heat exchangers are ideal for cold climate zone - it works efficiently in winter and summer, do not freeze at extremely low temperatures, thus saving the most energy and paying off quickly. Choosing a heat exchanger with a sorption coating achieves better results than with a condensing heat exchanger - better humidity control, a higher level of comfort in the premises and greater savings in the energy required for air conditioning.

Condensing heat exchanger is made of aluminum foil. Effectively saves heat and partially regenerates moisture in winter.
Sorption (hygroscopic) heat exchanger made of hygroscopic aluminum foil. Humidity control is the most effective: it humidifies the excessively dry supply air more efficiently in winter and does not allow excess moisture to enter the premises in summer, ensuring better comfort and lower energy consumption.