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ATTENTION! By ordering any Domekt CF device on website you will get additional set of M5 filters.
DOMEKT CF heat recovery units with plate counterflow condensing and enthalpy heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are designed for warmer climates, as negative outdoor temperatures cause icing, which results in the loss of some energy. Compared to condensing, enthalpy heat exchangers are significantly more efficient, which, like rotary heat exchangers, moisturizes the air in winter and dehumidifies it in summer, saving energy efficiently.

Be noted that all Domekt CF units are equipped with integrated heaters to avoid any possibility of icing and to maintain the maximum level of indoor comfort.
Features of an enthalpy heat exchanger
In winter, when indoor temperature is 20-24 °C, the enthalpy heat exchanger maintains optimal relative humidity, which is not the case with a condensing counterflow heat exchanger. In summer, the enthalpy heat exchanger prevents excess moisture from entering the premises, which saves cold more efficiently and reduces the cost of cooling the premises. The enthalpy plate heat exchanger can operate without icing down to -15 °C. Condensing counterflow plate heat exchangers start to icing when the outdoor temperature drops below -4 °C, but the integrated heater helps to prevent this.