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In buildings where entrance doors are constantly opened and closed, it is useful to block the entry of unwanted outside air during the winter period and to prevent the entry of warm indoor air during the summer. In fact, the resulting temperature difference leads to a gradual loss of power in the temperature control system, as well as to humidity imbalances and discomfort for the occupants, which reduces their time spent in the facility. Air curtains are used to achieve significant energy savings, to maintain warm or cool air in commercial and non-commercial spaces and to contribute to healthier indoor air by preventing the entry of smog, odours, dust, pollen and insects.
Air curtains are devices that allow an invisible vertical wall of air to be formed between indoor spaces (whether co-heated or air-conditioned) and outdoor spaces, without restricting the entry of people or vehicles. Depending on the season, the air is mixed at different temperatures and supply speeds to achieve optimum conditions to provide a sense of comfort for people entering or leaving the premises. For this reason, air curtains are particularly suitable for use in commercial locations such as department stores, bars and shops inside or outside shopping centres and places where the timing of door opening is particularly important for indoor air conditioning. In addition, in commercial premises with high customer traffic and turnover, traditional entrance doors can create a psychological barrier for customers that operators clearly want to avoid (e.g. department stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, boutiques), other premises (reception areas, warehouses, gyms). Air curtains allow customers to enter and exit at their own discretion without blocking their way, maximising visibility and comfort. We offer two types of air curtains made in Italy, which are the most innovative and easiest to install product on the market, maintaining a safe indoor climate and contributing to energy savings, drastically reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling, as well as protecting the quality of indoor spaces. ELDOOR TZ - tension air curtains and ELDOOR CF - centrifugal air curtains.
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