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Ask a question about this item

Variable air pressure sensor P2500

  • P2500 - variable air flow pressure sensors
  • in variable airflow volume (VAV) mode, the unit will supply a volume of exhaust air depending on the ventilation needs of the different rooms. This significantly reduces operating costs, extends the life of the unit, reduces pollution of air filters. The VAV function is for all units with EC fans
  • VAV management methods:

single flow VAV management
(one pressure sensor P2500 required)
single-flow VAV is controlled by a pressure sensor installed in the supply or exhaust duct (master air flow), the other air flow is regulated synchronously by the first (controlled air flow (slave))

dual stream VAV management
(two pressure sensors P2500 required)
in the two-flow VAV control mode, the supply and exhaust air flows are regulated according to separate pressure sensors installed in the ducts, this control method is relevant when it is necessary to regulate the supply and exhaust air flows independently of each other

  • 2 years warranty

Brand: ESEM

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