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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

Standing pedestal fan ARTIC-405 CN TC

  • ARTIC-405 CN TC - standing pedestal fans designed to offer a powerfuland uniform distribution of air with a very quiet operation
  • 6 speed controller
  • the swivel impeller optimizes the air distribution
  • removable security grille
  • large diameter base for increased stability
  • the height can be adjusted between 114 and 134 cm
  • carrying handle
  • remote control
  • programmable timer, from 1 to 9 h
  • the timer has two modes available:
  • TIMER ON - programms the time to switch on the fan
  • TIMER OFF - programms the time to switch off the fan
  • 2 years warranty
Voltage, V at 50 Hz
Power, W Capacity, m³/h
Noise level, (db(A))
Cable lenght, m Weight, kg
ARTIC-405 CN TC 230 50 3300 62 1.5 5.5