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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

PRIMUS UP snap lock - big size access panels with snap lock for ceiling application

  • PRIMUS UP C square lock - big size access panels with snap lock for ceiling application
  • doors made from galvanized steel sheet and coated in white RAL9016
  • removable door panel galvanised steel sheet for right and lefthanded hinging
  • handle is unnecessary
  • easy to install with mounting glue or cement
  • custom sizes to the nearest cm on request, painted according requested RAL colour
  • Made in Germany

Brand: ESEM
PRIMUS UP snap lock
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24210 600x1000 593x993 595x995 603x1003 620x1020 557x970 577x977 3.5x25 1118 3
24211 700x700 693x693 695x695 703x703 720x720 657x670 677x677 3.5x25 938 2
24212 700x800 693x793 695x795 703x803 720x820 657x770 677x777 3.5x25 1012 2
24213 700x1000 693x993 695x995 703x1003 720x1020 657x970 677x977 3.5x25 1171 3
24214 800x800 793x793 795x795 803x803 820x820 757x770 777x777 3.5x25 1079 2
24215 800x1000 793x993 795x995 803x1003 820x1020 757x970 777x977 3.5x25 1230 3
24216 1000x1000 993x993 995x995 1003x1003 1020x1020 957x970 977x977 3.5x25 1362 3
24217 600x1200 593x1193 595x1195 603x1203 620x1220 557x1170 577x1177 3.5x25 1295 3
24218 800x1200 793x1193 795x1195 803x1203 820x1220 757x1170 777x1177 3.5x25 1393 3