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MPL Carbon - filters with acitvated carbon
MPL Carbon - filters with acitvated carbon
MPL Carbon - filters with acitvated carbon
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  • 159×159×46 F7 for OFD100 box 31.35 € 21.95 € (-29%)
  • 179×179×46 F7 for OFD125 box 34.99 € 24.50 € (-29%)
  • 209×209×46 F7 for OFD150-160 box 41.33 € 28.93 € (-30%)
  • 249×249×46 F7 for OFD200 box 51.12 € 35.79 € (-29%)
  • 299×299×46 F7 for OFD250 box 65.39 € 45.77 € (-29%)
  • 359×359×46 F7 for OFD315 box 85.40 € 59.79 € (-29%)

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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

MPL Carbon - filters with acitvated carbon

  • MPL Carbon - F7 class panel filters contain mini-pleated synthetic non-woven material impregnated with activated carbon
  • we recommend installing in the indoor air supply system
  • designed for OFD filter boxes
  • due to the purifying properties, they are designed to eliminate various troublesome odors in ventilation systems of living premises, offices, schools, shopping centers, hospitals and other properties in the vicinity around the streets and thoroughfares
  • Attention! Before ordering, make sure that the dimensions of your filters fully match the dimensions of the filters you are ordering / the price is for one filter
  • has exceptional technical features due to "Deep Pleat" production technology, which allows optimal use of the largest filtration area at low air pressure and high air flow
  • thanks to the reinforced filter design, reliable filter operation is ensured even in extreme environmental conditions
  • "Deep Pleat"-type products are made from high-efficiency synthetic fibre in combination with a special thermoplastic pleat gluing system to form the ideal V-shaped filter material, which ensures the use of the largest filtration area and the spread of dust on it
  • high air permeability ensures low resistance to air movement (low pressure is created) and efficient operation of the unit equipped with a filter, thus reducing energy consumption
  • a small average pressure drop (i.e. a very slow pressure drop increase) ensures that the filter lasts for long life and efficient and reliable operation
  • according to ISO16890 standard M5 corresponds to ePM10 - 55%, F7 corresponds to ePM1 70%
  • pressure loss at filter size 592x592x46 mm - 85 Pa / 2000 m³/h
  • maximum operating temperature 80 °C

Brand: ESEM
MPL159/159/46/100F7C 159x159x46
MPL179/179/46/125F7C 179x179x46
MPL209/209/46/160F7C 209x209x46
MPL249/249/46/200F7C 249x249x46
MPL299/299/46/250F7C 299x299x46
MPL359/359/46/315F7C 359x359x46