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Ask a question about this item

Mini recuperator with remote control Silent AHR160, Ø160 mm

  • Silent AHR - ultra-quiet next-generation mini recuperators with intelligent control automation and LED panel display
  • maximum efficiency 93.8%
  • highly efficient automation - thanks to the integrated temperature sensors, the unit calculates how long it takes to blow air from the premises until the heat exchanger warms up to the maximum, when it heats up the fan starts to rotate in the opposite direction supplying warmed heat exchanger to the premises
  • with the remote control on and off, modes, speed and controlled automation can be changed
  • possible operating modes of the mini recuperator:
  • RECUPERATION - the flow direction changes automatically depending on the outdoor and indoor temperature
  • AIRFLOW / EXHAUST - continuous operation in one direction - the unit operates optionally - as an exhaust or supply fan
  • HUMIDITY - the speed is adjusted automatically from the currently measured humidity level
  • TIMER - will turn off the unit automatically after 5-180 minutes
  • NIGHT (silent) - switches to night mode according to the user-set clock time, thus reducing the efficiency of the device
  • MASTER / SLAVE functionality - it is possible to synchronize several devices installed in one or more rooms, via Bluetooth wireless connection, and control with one remote control. Operation is possible in various modes, e.g. both units only supply or only exhaust air and operate alternately, one unit blowing in and the other blowing out. Ability to configure and connect an infinite number of devices in SLAVE mode
  • with automatic shutter - the shutter will open when the recuperator is turned on, it will close when turned off
  • includes a wireless temperature and humidity sensor, which allows automatic control of the device, which, based on measurements, regulates the operating speed
  • the ceramic heat exchanger is the heart of the device and one of its most important elements. Silent AHR units use a hexagonal heat exchanger, which has achieved one of the highest heat recovery rates for decentralized air handling units on the market
  • antibacterial insulated duct - made of PVC plastic with silver ions, which reduces the growth of bacterial cultures inside the duct, the outer side is insulated - it prevents condensation and reduces heat loss
  • the main plastic components are made of ABS plastic with the addition of a UV stabilizer that increases resistance to sunlight
  • brushless 24 V DC motor
  • reusable washable filters
  • three speeds
  • made in Poland
  • 24 months warranty


How it works:

During the operation of the exhaust, heat is stored in a ceramic heat exchanger. After the heat exchanger has completely warmed up, it automatically changes fans working direction.


The heat accumulated in the heat exchanger is collected by the flow of supply air and then transferred to the room. When the heat exchanger cools down, it automatically changes fans working direction.


Recuperators components

Brand: ESEM

Code Speed Noise level, dB(A)3m Capacity, m³/h Power, W Protection class IP
Silent AHR160 I 24 23 4 22
II 34 36 5
III 39 52 7