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Ask a question about this item

Fan speed controller EERV0.5B 0.5 A

  • EERV0.5B - electronic speed controllers are used to change rotation speed by changing supply voltage of motor without overheat external connection
  • several motors can be controlled with one controller if total current is not exceeding controller's current
  • mounting: flush version
  • protection class: IP20, when installed in a flush-mounted box - IP44
  • control type: potentiometer
  • infinitely variable speed control
  • switch ON/OFF installed in potentiometer - turn ON/OFF by pushing
  • protection - fast acting fuse
  • minimum speed setpoint inside of controller
  • the hard start time setpoint inside of controller
  • the start from the maximum rotating speed with the time delay to set one with potentiometer. If the setpoint is 0, the controller will start in the soft mode – minimum to maximum
  • the overheat protection is active, if the temperature inside of the controller reaches 65 °C. Then the output of the controller is decreasing gradually till the temperature decrease. If temperature still increases and reaches 75 °C, the controller switches OFF and switches ON only when the temperature drops till 55 °C
  • the controller switch ON is indicated with enlightenment of the setpoint knob
  • complies with the following standards: EN 55011:2009/A1:20, EN 61236:2013, EN 61010-1:2010, EN 61000-3-2:2018 and marked with the CE
  • 24 months warranty

Brand: ESEM

Frequency, Hz
Voltage, V
Current, A
50 / 60


Fan connection scheme

L, N – the supply voltage 230 VAC
M, N – the motor connection
S (SERVO) - the output 230V for connecting actuators, relays or an other devices which switching ON with the controller
F – the fuse
P – the main setpoint potentiometer
P1 – the hard start time setpoint trimmer. The range 0..15 sec., ±5 %
P2 – the minimum motor rotating speed setpоint trimmer. The range 60..150 VAC, ±5 %