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Ask a question about this item

Cleanair Cloud copper - plasma cooker hood with LED light

  • Cleanair Cloud copper - recirculating plasma hood and air purifier for cleaning air contaminated by microbes and odours
  • provides highly effective indoor air purification by not only filtering, but also effectively inactivating airborne viruses, bacteria, yeast, mould spores and pollen
  • ensures a high degree of indoor air purification thanks to its multi-stage system
  • thanks to recirculation, the heat contained in the room is retained indoors instead of being rejected
  • the air is sterilised in the unit and exhausted parallel to the ceiling
  • due to the Coanda effect, the air flows along the ceiling to the walls, since the walls are usually colder than the room air, the air is cooled there, descends to the floor and is distributed there. This is how the displacement flow system is implemented. The exhaust air does not mix with the room air, which may be contaminated with aerosols or viruses, but is directed directly into the unit and cleaned. This provides clean air from below to the occupants of the room.
  • suitable for continuous indoor use
  • inactivates 97% of corona viruses in the indoor air (Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics study)
  • destroys 99.98% of harmful vapours (e.g. volatile organic compounds from furniture, building materials, paints)
  • reduces smoke and cooking odour pollution
  • technology - recirculating air purifier in an aluminium housing consisting of a multi-stage system: pre-filter, plasma and activated carbon
  • made of high quality aluminium and powder coated
  • remote control, 4-stage control
  • EC motor
  • installation and maintenance: easy to install on the ceiling, low maintenance, resulting in low follow-up costs
  • automatic shutdown in case of failure
  • 36 W LED luminaire
  • Made in Germany
  • 24 months warranty


325 x Ø900

Voltage, V
50 Hz
Indoor square footage, m²
Power, W
Capacity, m³/h Noise level, dB3m
Weight, kg
Cleanair Cloud 230 25-56 21-75 150-600 28-58 ~50