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Cooker hood:
  • Super Silent Slider 600 white without motor 847.22 € 508.33 € (-39%)
Cooker hood accessories:
  • Mini Plasmex plasma filter 796.92 € 478.14 € (-40%)
  • Thermex Plasmex plasma filter 1,195.36 € 717.22 € (-40%)
  • TX - outdoor wall-mounted cooker hood fan 783.48 € 470.09 € (-40%)
  • TX II - fan to be installed in a separate room from the cooker hood 596.53 € 357.92 € (-40%)
  • Carbon filter set 535.19.3750.9 124.59 € 74.75 € (-40%)

European delivery - 28 working days, other countries +7 working days.

Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

Cabinet integrated retractable cooker hood Super Silent Slider 600 white without motor

  • Super Silent Slider 600 white - traditional built-in retractable cooker hoods without motor with white painted body
  • made and assembled in Denmark
  • for air exhaust we recommend to use plastic or insulated ducts
  • the large collection surface is easy to hide when not in use and can be pulled out or pushed in
  • efficient and intelligent hood for installation in the cabinet, with an external motor for an ultra-low noise kitchen
  • Thermex Super Silent Slider is a modern and minimalist hood with decorative filters that give it a distinctive look and ensure optimal suction distribution. More Thermex Toplink® accessories are available, which automatically switch on the cooker hood when you start cooking. In other words, it means that all you have to think about is cooking and Thermex takes care of the practicalities
  • you can control the cooker hood using the Thermex Remote app, which is available as a free download from the App store and Google Play. The app lets you adjust the brightness, turn on periodic vacuuming and get filter readings. You can also use the Voice link function built into the cooker hood. Here, you can control the cooker hood entirely by voice via Google Assistant (Hey Google) . So there are plenty of options to choose from to control the Thermex Super Silent GT
  • easy to operate with Soft touch buttons on the front
  • easily installed in a kitchen cabinet above the hob
  • with dishwasher safe aluminium filters
  • with a 15-minute timer which is activated by a special button on one of the four speeds, deactivated by pressing any button
  • with LED 3000 K lighting
  • four speeds
  • air exhaust upwards
  • Ø150 mm exhaust opening
  • use plasma or carbon filters to conserve room heat and keep it out of the ducts, without the need for a duct to lead to a ventilation shaft or outside
  • 2 carbon filters required, ordered separately - estimated lifetime 6-12 months depending on the intensity of use of the cooker hood
  • the Carbon Flex (air cleaning efficiency up to 95%) recirculation carbon filter can be ordered separately, with a preliminary lifetime of 6-12 months, later it is not necessary to order a new filter, only carbon pellets can be ordered for replacement
  • Mini Plasmex (air cleaning efficiency 96.5%) recirculating plasma filter can be ordered separately - estimated lifetime 5 years
  • Thermex Plasmex (air cleaning efficiency 96.5%) recirculating plasma filter can be ordered separately with a preliminary life of 10 years
  • 24 months warranty

Brand: Thermex