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Activated carbon and smog filter set OFDA

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Ask a question about this item

Activated carbon and smog filter set OFDA

  • OFDA - smog filter kits with activated carbon
  • it is recommended to install in ventilation and recuperation systems
  • activated carbon has a large adsorption surface that effectively absorbs pollutants, bacteria, hydrocarbons and deodorises air
  • the filter set consists of a sealed filter box, activated carbon filter (ISO Coarse 75%), and a particulate filter (ISO ePM1 80% EN-ISO 16890)
  • the PM2.5 and PM10 particles are the main smog components with a diameter of 2.5 and 10 μm (micrometers)
  • OFDA smog filters achieve the following filtering efficiency: KD2.5 particles up to 73%, PM10 particles up to 81%
  • the filter box is made of galvanized sheet metal
  • connectors with rubber gaskets


Air Quality Index
AQI (Air quality index) is an indicator of daily air quality. It shows how clean or polluted the air we breathe, how it can affect our health. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) "Clean Air Act" identifies five types of contamination for regulated air pollutants, including particulate matter.

Air Quality Index KD2.5 µg / m³ KD10 µg / m³
Very good 0-12 0-20
Good 13-36 21-60
Mean 37-60 61-100
Unhealthy for sensitive groups 61-84 101-140
Unhealthy 85-120 141-200
Very unhealthy >120 >200


The manufacturer's measurements indicate that the installation of the OFDA filter allows a good level of air quality. Filtering results may be different for more polluted sites.
Measurements made and descriptions created according to the standards in force in Poland. Information provided by the manufacturer.

OFDA125 125 180 290
OFDA160 160 210 290
OFDA200 200 250 290
OFDA250 250 300 290
OFDA315 315 360 290



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