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Ask a question about this item

Antibacterial crossover duct connector, long ANTI-B-VMK75-2-L, Ø75 mm

  • ANTI-B-VMK75-2-L - long antibacterial Ø75 mm flexible duct transition made of antibacterial plastic
  • for installation where Ø75 mm ducts cross, or where ducts cross thick cables or plumbing pipes
  • NANOSILVER antibacterial plastic kills up to 99% of bacteria
  • robust structure guarantees trouble-free operation for many years - manufacturer offers a 30-year warranty
  • suitable for installation on various surfaces and layers - floors, walls, ceilings, under plaster, in concrete
  • Ø75 mm sockets are fitted with rubber gaskets and special duct locks to ensure the system is Class D tight
  • all openings are equipped with blinds to prevent dust from entering the ventilation system during transport, installation or repair

Brand: ESEM
Code Ø W A B Y Z X
ANTI-B-VMK75-2-L 75 100 265 637 50 210 200



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