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  • Verso-R-3000-F-E-R1-F7/M5-C5.1-L/A 13,435.83 € 13,435.83 €
  • Verso-R-3000-F-E-L1-F7/M5-C5.1-L/A 13,435.83 € 13,435.83 €
  • Verso-R-3000-F-E-R1-F7/M5-C5.1-SL/A 13,611.28 € 13,611.28 €
  • Verso-R-3000-F-E-L1-F7/M5-C5.1-SL/A 13,611.28 € 13,611.28 €
  • Verso-R-3000-F-W/SVK-R1-F7/M5-C5.1-L/A 13,510.85 € 13,510.85 €
  • Verso-R-3000-F-W/SVK-L1-F7/M5-C5.1-L/A 13,510.85 € 13,510.85 €
  • Verso-R-3000-F-W/SVK-R1-F7/M5-C5.1-SL/A 13,686.30 € 13,686.30 €
  • Verso-R-3000-F-W/SVK-L1-F7/M5-C5.1-SL/A 13,686.30 € 13,686.30 €

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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

Rotary heat and energy recovery unit Verso-R-3000-F, 3300 m³/h

Advantages of Verso-R-3000-F
Antifreeze efficient heat exchanger
The rotary heat exchanger maintains high efficiency even at outdoor temperatures below -20 °C, as it does not icing under normal conditions. Therefore, the unit can be operated without the use of a heater at all. In winter, the air supplied to the premises is partially humidified, creating comfortable conditions. No condensation, no drainage required, simplification of installation.
Humidity balance
By choosing a rotor with a special hygroscopic coating, the air handling unit will control the indoor microclimate even more effectively - it will dry the air less in winter and remove excess moisture in summer, significantly reducing the need for conditioning. In this way, maximum comfort is ensured at minimal cost.
Integrated automation
All equipment is assembled and tested at the factory. Smart automation C5 with integrated WEB server provides the ability to control the device via the Internet.
Wide range
Depending on the location where the device is planned to be installed, you can choose the most suitable model for you: horizontal, vertical or ceiling. Wide selection of rotary heat exchangers: condensing, enthalpy or sorption; standard or increased efficiency.
Integration into PVA
All Komfovent units have built-in Modbus and BACnet protocols that allow the integration of equipment management into the desired building management system (PVS).

Brand: Komfovent