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Ask a question about this item

Ask a question about this item

Heat recovery unit with rotary exchanger and heat pump RHP-400, 398 m³/h

RHP advantages

Integrated control system

All units are assembled and tested at the factory, therefore installation and commissioning work is signifcantly simplifed. Integrated intelligent automation requires minimum user input. Units can be monitor and controlled remotely via the Internet.

5 in 1

Comfortable microclimate all year round: fresh and coolled air in the summertime, efficiently heated air during the winter, air humidity control.

Efficient energy saving

High efficiency due to two energy recovery stages: stage 1 – enthalpy rotary heat exchanger, stage 2 – reversible heat pump. The unit ventilates the rooms, supplies clean and fresh air from the outside, warms or cools it according to the needs. The processes are controlled by intelligent automation, which makes the device extremely economical and requires minimal attention.

Low noise level

Only perfectly balanced fans with unique geometry are used in RHP units. All of the unit’s components are aerodynamically matched. Housings padded with mineral wool and the use of special composite materials ensure silent operation of these units.

Reliability and durability

The housing of the units is made of galvanized steel with a powder coated finish. Fan motors are protected from moisture and dust, and equipped with long life bearings.

Brand: Komfovent