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Ask a question about this item

Heat and energy recovery unit with counterflow plate heat exchanger Verso-CF-1300-U-H-V, 1340 m³/h

Advantages of Verso-CF-1300-U-H-V
Integrated automation
All equipment is assembled and tested at the factory. Intelligent automation C5 with integrated WEB server provides the ability to control the device via the Internet.
Completely separated air flows
The supply and exhaust air streams are separated from each other, so the heat of used exhaust air can be used to heat the supply air.
Frost protection of the heat exchanger
In all Verso CF Standard units intelligent automation controls the condensation and icing process and controls the bypass valve while maintaining maximum heat exchanger efficiency.
Connecting to the WEB
Ventilation units can be controlled not only with a remote control, but also remotely: a computer or a smartphone. The Komfovent mobile app is designed to control VERSO devices remotely.
Integration into PVS (Pastatų Valdymo Sistemos in lithuanian or Building Management System in english)
All Komfovent units have Modbus and BACnet protocols installed, which allow the integration of equipment management into the desired building management system (PVS).
Reliability and durability
The housings of the devices are made of galvanized steel additionally powder coated. The fan motors are protected from moisture and dust and use long-life ball bearings.
Types of countercurrent plate heat exchanger.
The condensing heat exchanger is made of special polystyrene, there are no moving parts, which results in efficient heat exchange and long-term operation.
The enthalpy heat exchanger is made of a special membrane, not only achieves the best heat and moisture recovery results, but is hygienic and durable.
Types of heaters and coolers:
HE - electric air heater.
HW - water duct heater, installed in the duct, ordered separately. The heaters shall be installed behind the unit in the flow duct in a location acceptable to the user. The automation provides a heater control signal 0 ... 10 V.
HCW - heater-cooler in one, for both air heating and cooling. Ideal for buildings using geothermal or aerothermal energy.
CW - designed to cool the air using cold water (water-glycol mixture), ensures a higher level of comfort indoors.
HCDX - designed for air heating / cooling using a freon refrigeration machine / heat pump, ensures a higher level of comfort indoors.

Brand: Komfovent