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Ask a question about this item

Exhaust fan with hygrostat and timer UNICO10/4HT 12V SELV, Ø100 mm

  • axial fan to extract air directly outside or through short ducting
  • SELV 12V version: working at 12V AC. Installation within the safety zones 1 and 2
  • 220÷240/12 V~ transformer, in accordance with IEC 742 class II, IP22 protected with safety thermostat
  • the very low power voltage of SELV 12V fans, in combination of a dedicated transformer supplied with the appliance, allows the installation even in proximity of the bathtub or the shower, because the eventual direct contact with the fan does not pose any threat of electrical danger
  • the transformer can be even installed in zone 3
  • can be mounted in any position, in the wall or ceiling
  • the fan automatically starts when the humidity in the room is higher than the preset value, adjustable from 40% to 90% and works by timer adjusted time from 2 to 25 minutes
  • with backdraught shutter
  • maximum working temperature +45 °C
  • operating indicator light
  • two fixing screws and click assembly of the grille for an easy installation
  • high performances, low sound level and low power consumption
  • IPX4 protected (EN 60529)
  • ABS plastic housing
  • made in Italy - O.ERRE
  • 2 years warranty


IEC 364-7 standard, Part 7 contains a section dedicated to "Premises containing a bathtub or shower basin" where stated "the risk of electrical shock is increased by a reduction in body resistance and contact of the body with earth potential". In order to avoid such high risk the standard classifies different zones inside the room and for each one it prescribes different installation limits of electrical components. The standard describes the different zones as follows:
• Zone 0: inside the bathtub or shower basin
• Zone 1: is limited by the vertical plane circumscribing the bathtub or shower basin, by the floor and the horizontal plane 2.25 m above the floor
• Zone 2: is limited by the vertical plane external to Zone 1 and the parallel vertical plane 0.60 m. external to Zone 1, by floor and the horizontal plane 2.25 m. above the floor
• Zone 3: is limited by the vertical plane external to Zone 2 and the parallel vertical plane 2.40 m. external to Zone 2, by floor and the horizontal plane 2.25 m. above the floor
For each zone the standard makes a list of the prescriptions for the electrical equipment that may be or may not be installed as follows:
• In zone 0, only electrical appliances specially intended for use in a bathtub are permitted
• In zone 1, only water heaters or SELV type appliances (Safety Extra Low Voltage) may be installed
• In zone 2, only water heaters, and Class II luminaires or SELV type appliances may be installed
• In zone 3, there are no limits for installation of electrical equipment, but anyway the eventual "Switchgear and Controlgear" must be as follows: supplied individually by an isolating transformer, supplied by SELV, protected by a residual current protective device with a residual operating current not exceeding 0.03 A
Hence, in zone 1 or 2 or 3 only a 12 V SELV fan should be installed.


Safety zones in bathroom





12 V transformer dimensions


Voltage, V
Frequency, Hz
Power, W
Capacity, m³/h
Noise level, dB
Protection class IP
Max. working temp. °C
28 45


Pressure loss diagram


Connection to the power supply
Ls - phase through switch
N - null
L - phase